The mission of this partnership between OpenTEAM, Regen Network, and Terran Collective is to build the community infrastructure for regenerative agriculture to overgrow the system.

The infrastructure we are building will:

Nurture relationships of mutual support among farmers

Develop community between farmers and the public

Grow deeper connection between humans & landscape

Enable a greater flow of resources towards regeneration

Regeneration happens in place and it happens in community. Hylo is the only place-based platform that facilitates peer-to-peer collaboration across networked groups. As a result of what we co-create in this partnership, people engaged in regenerative agriculture will have access to coordination, collective governance, and finance tools calibrated to serve their needs. 

These tools will transform Hylo into a bioregional investment platform that functions as an engine for regeneration. As resources flow into OpenTEAM via Regen Foundation and elsewhere, bioregional groups will decide how to allocate that funding to projects in their landscape, creating a positive loop of investment and regeneration.

In the short-term, Terran Collective’s work this season lays the groundwork for OpenTEAM to fulfill its role as a Community Staking DAO for Regen Foundation. We look forward to exploring collaboration with potential partners such as Commons Stack and Commonwealth to create an ecosystem where land stewards participate in collective governance of both online and offline spaces, Regen Ledger and bioregional communities alike.

Our Work this Past Season - Summer 2021

Since ramping up in July, Terran Collective has done a huge amount of discovery with OpenTEAM, and product specification, design, architecture, and development work on Hylo. Here’s where we stand on the collective priorities outlined in our scope for the past season:

Community Platform Collabathon

We hosted 8 discovery sessions with OpenTEAM and Regen stakeholders to understand what is needed to support your organizations and constituents.

Embeddable Hylo

Development is complete to make Hylo fully functional as an iframe, and it’s ready to be integrated into the Digital Coffee Shop, though there have since been some potential changes to the design of the Coffee Shop that may change the requirements for Hylo’s integration.

Customizable, Modular Profiles

The first round of designs are complete, and we have begun development on custom features for farms. We are co-creating a shared farm data schema in partnership with FarmOS, OurSci, and other OpenTEAM partners, which will be used in the APIs we are building for importing farm details to create Farm Profiles on Hylo.

APIs & Interoperability

We have made significant progress on development to enable oAuth 2.0 based “Sign in with Hylo” so that Hylo can become a single sign on for the OpenTEAM ecosystem and beyond. We have also started the design and development for APIs to enable SurveyStack and other OpenTEAM platforms to create Hylo accounts and send farm data to Hylo.

Performance Optimizations

We have completed major improvements to the mobile apps and bug fixes to prepare Hylo for easier adoption by the OpenTEAM ecosystem.

Synthesis, Specification & Design

We’ve been hard at work integrating the needs and perspectives of stakeholders and turning them into designs & prototypes. It’s exciting to see the vision of this partnership coming together, and we’ve included a sample of our work in this report.

Community Engagement Plan

A tool is only useful to the people that know how to use it, so how will we help stakeholders to step into new ways of interacting, supporting and transacting that support community and planetary health? Included in this report are some of the key findings of this partnership, and a plan for how to move forward.

Terran Collective is a 10x Team

Terran Collective is a community of care and practice in the Bay Area bioregion, based in Ohlone territory in the area colonially known as Oakland, California. Our mission is to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our communities and our planet, by building systems and tools that foster trust and relationship. We support our community by making connections, bioregional organizing, and experimenting with systems of solidarity. We build technology for thriving, so that our community and the movements we are a part of have the tools we need to create impactful action in the world. We are also land stewards and permaculture practitioners, personally committed to restoring and transitioning land to regenerative management.

As technologists, we are world-class. We have combined decades of experience leading successful enterprise software teams, including web3 governance platform DAOstack. Our deep relationships allow us to work with high coherence and efficiency. We make the most of our partnerships and resources, delivering work that rivals VC-backed platforms while operating on a non-profit budget. This partnership will allow us to leapfrog proprietary tech to deliver a community platform tailored to regenerating ecosystems.

Clare Politano
Tibet Sprague
Aaron Brodeur
Neha Sharma
Krisha Subramanian
Tom Watson
Rose Slam! Johnson
Julia Pope
Loren Johnson